The CISCM Supply Chain Consult:

CISCM SC Consult is a subsidiary of the CISCM Ghana.

It is an arm of the Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management, Ghana which provides response to the increasing demand for Professional Consultancy Services in the specialized areas of standard within Supply Chain Management practices.

The CISCM SC Consult is thereby set to provide services for:
• Supply Chain Management Consulting (Identification for exploitation) and
• Training, Learning and Development of employees
Most careful observation of the Ghanaian industrial setting shows that most organisations centered on an aspect within the Supply Chain instead of concentrating in the holistic or en-to-end aspect of the Supply Chain to achieve best value for their organization.
The creation of this Consult is strategic in that through it, the Institute hopes to leverage to drive further the end-to-end Supply Chain agenda across board and by so doing enhance the Institute’s mission of advancing Supply Chain Management practice in Ghana.

General Service Offerings
General Services Offered by the CISCM Supply Chain Consult includes but not limited to:
• Serving as members on interview panels to select suitable candidates for organizations and institutions.
• Development and formulate/review of practical SC Policies and SC Strategy Planning
• SC Market Research Consulting – Provision of SC related Researches for Corporate Entities – specific strategic research on the institutional market
• Provision of specific SC services and training for Corporate Entities:
o Supply Chain Management Planning
o Facilitate the designing and setting up of SC Units or Departments
o Provision of SC Audit and Job Analysis
o Evaluate existing SC documentation and provide appropriate recommendations of professional standard practice.

Why Engage CISCM Supply Chain Consult:
The CISCM SC Consult guarantees best value-for-money.

Standard SC practice offerings from our strategic position as Subject Matter Experts and practitioners are based on our valuable Experience, Competence and Knowledge.

All members of the consultancy services group are highly qualified, experienced and motivated individuals whose total efforts offer the best results expected by purposeful organizations or institutions.