Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management has been as a professional body since 2009 and was formally incorporated under the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) (as a company limited by guarantee), on 3rd July 2009. Later the Institute was registered under the Professional Bodies Registration Decree, 1973 (NRCD 143) on 11th June 2014 by the Registrar of Professional Bodies (Professional Bodies Certificate Number PB62).

The Institute was founded by a number of people from the Profession, who recognized the need to develop standards in Supply Chain Management practices as well as increase the number of trained and qualified personnel who were required in a rapidly developing country. The formulated structured training programmes and assisted the Institution of learning in designing course for their professional scheme curriculum.

Today, there has been a progressive shift in focus from purchasing to Supply Chain Management, and the Institute has recognized this fact by using its title as ‘’Supply Chain Management’’. This was considered to be a perfect integration of Purchasing, Warehousing, Materials Management, Logistics, Import and Export Management, Project Management, Procurement and Supply as an aspect of Supply Chain Management philosophies, which reflect similar trends occurring in the business environment world-wide, there is a growing awareness of the strategic importance of efficient and effective Supply Chain Management objectives. Therefore, the Institute is constantly aware and adapting to the changes occurring in the field of supply chain management profession, both nationally and internationally.