Why you should become a Supply Chain Management Pro.

The world is fast-changing, and this change is happening on every front. The professional world is not exempt. In every sphere of professional life, the terrain is getting more competitive, more robust, more aggressive, more intellectual and more technological.

This is what is happening to the world of Supply Chain Management.

In our interactions with other professionals who have not in our field, they have wondered why experts keep using the term Supply Chain Management, and recently Integrated Supply Chain Management.

My simple answer has been that one can profess to be an expert in Biology and Science, or Chemistry and Science, better still Physics and Science.

It would either Physics, Chemistry or Biology or any of the two or Science!

This is the world of Supply Chain Management. It is called END TO END because it encompasses that field of study where one is tutored to become a master of the cycle, from raw product to getting the finished product to the consumer.

To be blunt, one can then be an expert in Procurement and Supply or Procurement, but certainly not Procurement and Supply Chain.

The more reason why you need to get into the Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management is that the future is catching up and it is here.

What is known as Purchasing and Supply is becoming less and less required of industry players because the brain can certainly do more than just purchasing and supply!

You need to be equipped with the integral process of the Supply Chain.

The complexity of things is that the Supply Chain Manager is the one who will now oversee the Logistics Manager, the Transport Manager, the Head of Procurement and all those in the chain! This is how simple I can put it.

Now I wonder what you would be waiting for…..

Our arms are wide open, our mentorship program awaits you, our eminent members await to show you the integrities in the world of Supply Chain Management.

Why you should become a Supply Chain Management Pro? Now you know.

As you reach our offices, we say welcome in advance.

Get inducted in 2020!

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